Inquires Part 1: Unauthorized Inquires on your Report

One thing’s for sure: nobody likes paying taxes. The poor want the rich to pay for everything, the rich want the poor to pay their fair share, and everyone in the middle would prefer just to stay off the radar altogether.

Now, this credit tip isn’t for the likes of Wesley Snipes or Willie Nelson who have had millions owed and paid in tax liens; but for you, me, and our clients who have federal tax liens under 25K. Whether you want to call it a loophole or a policy that’s rarely mentioned, there is an IRS procedure that will remove these federal tax liens from a credit report. If the federal tax lien is unpaid, yet still under 25K, all one needs to do is to make three payments on an agreed upon payment plan and the lien can once again be removed by submitting the proper paperwork.

This is just another example of the tricks of our trade. For help with federal tax liens and any other credit-report-related problems, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance by calling 1-866-595-6313 and don’t forget to pass along your referral source to qualify for a $100 discount which is over 50% off our initial fees.