Student Loans – Part 1

Student loans are very similar to how we see our young, athletic, flexible bodies of our youth. You get this great gift of being young and unstoppable without any brains to control it. Then for the rest of your life you get to pay the price of sore knees, a messed-up hip and keg that used to resemble a six pack.

Student loans are real similar, 40 million Americans have them totaling 1.2 trillion in debt which still is increasing at a staggering rate of almost 3k a second. We borrow and spend frivolously at the poorest stages of our lives figuring as soon as we land a job a few years later we will quickly pay it all back. “I’ll amass 25k in student loans and after my first year working I’ll probably earn 50k and therefore I’ll have it paid back in 6 months.” Perfect plan, except for the things called, interest, taxes, bills and life!

Needless to say, our repair firm sees tons of student loan issues and questions. It is important to note that they can be tackled like every other questionable issue on a credit report as they have the same laws governing them as every other type of account. They report per semester which is why there is so many of them. Often, they are mistaken for duplications because the information on each one looks the same on a credit report, but the account numbers are so long that the end of the number tends to get cut off. Interestingly enough, consolidating them later down the road is a strategy that will lower your credit scores as it will close down aged accounts, and replace them with newer ones which will negatively impact the length of credit history and new credit sections of the score.

Student loans can’t be in default when applying for a loan unlike many other accounts, as they tend to be government backed, so they need to be remedied in one way or another. If we can’t find any inconsistencies resulting in a deletion, then we will guide our clients through processes to put the accounts back into good standing. Worst case, at least for it to pass through underwriting requirements as our primary focus is simply for you and them to close the loan. Just another reason not hesitate to allow us to assist you in your credit repair needs. Please call 1-866-595-6313.