Maybe you’re a BBB kind of person or maybe not. Either way I encourage you to read the following. Over here at National Credit Care we currently post a B+ with the BBB. And if this was a college exam result, after an all-night party session I’d take it all day long. However, it’s not, assisting mortgage professionals’ close loans for their clients is our life passion, and we certainly do not think there is anyone better. In my opinion, what matters most is what the clients say and they have overwhelmingly decided there simply is no comparison, but I will let the numbers below speak for themselves:

The math doesn’t seem to add up, does it? Except the math that we don’t pay the BBB to be accredited! Playing devil’s advocate, maybe our negative reviews are so awful that offsets the difference? So, I looked at the handful of our negative reviews we have, and although there of course a few unhappy folk, I also find these amongst the few:

I’m no super reviewing expert but if these reviews to be considered negative seems a little harsh. Maybe we should be paying the BBB! Fixing client’s credit scores and reports to close them loans is our life. Please send over any opportunities over and we will do whatever is in our power to get them back to you as a closed loan. Please call 1-866-595-6313.