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When you work with NCC for personalized credit repair, you are guaranteed to speak with a live credit repair consultant. It is important to National Credit Care that our customers feel comfortable with our credit restoration process before we are hired to help increase credit scores. Our team uses a proven strategy to understand each individual credit profile before making recommendations for repairing your credit.
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National Credit Care is known throughout the industry as a leader in successful credit repair for consumers and lending professionals. We specialize in removing erroneous and false information, customized credit restoration consulting, increasing consumer credit scores, and personal attention from a live credit consultant. We will never outsource your account, nor will we automate the process.
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National Credit Care will help you sift through the mountains of information to find the right path for you. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to get started with repairing your credit, especially when looking at multiple credit reports from three separate bureaus. Our team is well versed in the processes and factors that go into each individual credit report, and we understand how to analyze the information that matters.


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The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows us to contact the credit bureaus directly to ensure that the content of a credit report is not inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, or unverifiable in any way. If the bureaus are unable to prove that an item is accurate or cannot complete their investigation in the timeframe given by law, they must strike the item from the report.

Contrary to popular belief, consumers can dispute and validate information reported by the credit bureaus. As part of our comprehensive approach to credit restoration, we work to ensure the complete accuracy of each client’s credit report. Although consumers can dispute these items themselves, most fail to properly identify the items that impact their scores most negatively, or they simply become overwhelmed by the time-consuming, complicated healing process. As a client of National Credit Care, all you need to do after our initial consultation is send us the updates you receive as a response to our investigations.

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Most major credit restoration and management companies rely on a streamlined, automated process. However, automation comes at a cost to the consumer. It prevents companies from addressing the specific individual needs of each consumer and their unique situation. To cut costs, other companies outsource their customer service to other countries, where representatives read stock responses from scripts that treat all customers the same way. Only a personalized approach can provide the optimal service and benefits needed to fix your credit history the right way.

Our team thinks of credit as DNA: We all have it but everyone expresses it uniquely. We believe that the most effective way to help clients restore their credit is through a personalized and strategic approach. We offer comprehensive credit consulting solutions tailored to an individual’s needs, not a corporate standard. At National Credit Care, we welcome all who need change, and we have the solution to any credit conundrum.

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National Credit Care operates 100% in the United States. Your account will never be outsourced. Our representatives are part of the communities we serve, and we are always available to answer questions. The NCC team is comprised of individuals dedicated to helping the millions of consumers plagued by credit inaccuracies, errors, and fraud. It is our mission is to help inform consumers and alleviate the stress of working with creditors and credit bureaus. Together, we can maximize your scores where they deserve to be.

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