I am a disabled Veteran. Like most Vets, I encountered lots of collections, bad debt, and things that were not mine on my credit report. The folks at NCC put me on a path to allow me to not only get those issues removed, but also made it so that I would learn how credit worked, and how credit granters saw me. I have been with them for 9 months and my score has gone up from a 511 to a 730. There have been TONS of deletions made on my credit report, and it is a great feeling to be able to apply for credit and not worry about getting approved. I now sit with confidence in my credit for the first time in my life and it feels great. The people at NCC are professional, they respect your time, and they will talk to you like a human. I have seen good customer service before and this company exemplifies it. I have suggested this service to family and friends, and would highly suggest it to anyone who doesn't have an 800 credit score.
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