I was originally skeptical about paying for credit repair, as there seems to be so much conflicting information. I had a house under contract to buy in May of this year. The deal fell apart when some older collections appeared at the time of securing the loan. My credit dropped down to about 580, and I was very discouraged. I decided to give the credit repair a try. Emily, was my account manager, and she explained everything very well. She not only told me what her company could likely accomplish but she also had good general advice about a long term plan. Anyway, not much happened in the first couple months, and then after the third month, I started seeing things drop off. It is now October and I just purchased a new car at the Honda dealership with a 780 score. Amazing. I am so grateful and cannot thank Emily enough. I have been sending everyone I know to National Credit Care. They are all very professional, and they get results. Highly recommend!
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