I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the service I have received from National Credit Care and your colleague Emily Grant this past year. I found my credit in the proverbial toilet about 4 years ago after a serious back injury left me out of work for a year. The bills piled up, I fell behind, and the credit rating went downhill from there. I tried to refinance my house, but was declined due to my painfully low credit score. Fortunately, my mortgage broker recommended I give NCC a try - and I'm so glad I followed his advice. In just a year, NCC has improved my credit from low 500's to high 600's, enabling me to refinance my mortgage at an interest rate 1.5% lower than what I paid before - as well as knock 5 years off the life of my mortgage! Given this, working with NCC has been worth every penny.
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